From a very Young age playing guitar was my favorite thing to do, My road companion was a 6 string  baby.
My passion Grew so much so that I wanted to continue buying guitars even when I didn't need them!
One day, my collection got so big that I ran out of space  and that's when the idea of selling my gear came to Mind.
Funny thing happened, so everytime I sold a guitar, I got the itch to buy another one LOL, so selling guitars was never a solution. 
My second addiction was born: Buying and selling guitars and putting  smiles on the face of happy guitar owners.

A bit of time went by and I started meeting musicians with the same passion for buying and selling guitars, we put our efforts together and Fort Myers Guitars was born.

.... And the result was: A group of guitar experts working together to bring you some of the coolest Gibson guitars on the market for a fraction of the price .

Our reputation preceeds us, we have a top rated seller status on ebay with over 1000 transactions completed and 100% positive feedback

Please visit our Gear Page and check out our cool inventory, New guitars are posted every week